Sunday, July 19, 2009


There are many websites giving detailed views about stock markets and the price movements therein. At the same time, there are not many websites existing for discussing about the movement inINR.

In fact, price movement in INR has a larger and wider implication in the day to day life of many Indians right from exports/imports to remittances and inflation.

For instance, a weak Rupee will drive away FIIs whose inflows are key to the continuation of stock market success story. Weaker Rupee means higher import inflating the local prices leading to inflation which is not liked by common people.

At the same time, a weaker Rupee will make exporters and NRIs happier as they can receive more money in terms of rupee for the same money they earn abroad.

Generally, Rupee movement is dependent on various factors such as trade deficit, size of remittances and FII/FDI inflows, fiscal deficit, inflation, interest, sovereign rating along with many others.

This website was launched with the main intention to discuss about the above said factors impacting the direction of INR both in short term and long term.

It can be an educative journey both for the blogger and the readers.

I request your kind support and an interactive participation would help every one.

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